Why Care About Earth

Earth is 4.5 billion years old and human race is approximately 140,000 years old. If we condense the existence of Earth to 24 hours, humans have been on this planet for just 3 sec. But in this small amount of time, we as a race have done some serious damage to our beloved, all giving Earth. We have spent billions of dollars on space exploration but as a matter of fact right now we only live on one planet, Mother Earth. Planet has survived for billions of years before us and it will survive for long after us, the question is, can human race survive if we recklessly keep plundering bounties of nature and keep treating our home as a trash bin? As matter of fact Earth has seen 5 major mass extinctions in her existence, are we next?

Fortunately, its not too late to make a U-turn. But this manuver is gonna take a major effort of massive scale by us as human race. We believe every huge task can be done by taking small steps in the right direction. With HALLAH we are all about #doingright.

“Everytime you spend money you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want” ~ Anne Lappe

Sustainable Fashion

We have pledged to produce apparel in sync with nature. Instead of opting for fast fashion we adhere to sustainable fashion. The process starts from our fabrics which we choose with utmost care and diligence. Our apparel are made from fabric which are either organic, recycled or other smart fabrics. Our partnered manufactures are certified with OEKO-TEX  Standard 100 which ensures the process through which our apparel go through from fabric to apparel is safe and doesn’t includes chemical harmful to skin or environment. We aim to innovate and bring forth apparel which is safe for environment without compromising the good feeling and comfort of our tribe.

“There is no beauty in the finest clothes if it makes hunger and unhappiness” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Ethical Practices

We want to make everybody involved with us as winner, that’s why we don’t take our duties towards fair trade lightly. Our manufacturing partners have ECOCERT  certification. We go extra miles to make sure every participant in the process of making our apparel is treated fairly and ethically. We are huge believers in Vibes and we know that vibes get transferred. Happy labor making happy apparel will make you feel happy every time you wear this apparel.

“A business which makes nothing but money is a poor business” ~ Henry Ford


We are huge fan of community building. A community full of love, compassion and movement. We have consciously made social and environmental endeavors are the core of our business. We have pledged to plant a tree for every purchase you make, but its just a start. Our social contribution will grow in proportion with our business. We collectively believe going forward social entrepreneurship is the only way to make positive impact on a scale. As individuals we can only do so much but a community we can take massive actions to help our planet.

Certifications of our manufacturer