Can trees save our planet?

The question should be, can our planet survive without trees? Well the answer is, of course not.

Trees provide air, store water, house flora and fauna. Trees and forests become the lungs of the earth that absorb harmful substances and releases oxygen. Forests also provide very rich resources for us humans.

Trees are fundamental to the Earth. Its usefulness can be summarized in five B.A.S.I.C factors.


Trees are the lungs of Earth. Basically the tree absorbs harmful gases from the air, such as nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide, absorbing smoke and provides oxygen. How will  it feel, if every time you go outside you will need to wear a mask?


Going back to roots can save us from floods. In the rain cycle, trees and forests function as storage of water reserves. The root system of the tree functions like a filter that removes impurities, holds water so that it does not immediately flow into the ground or into a river.


More trees = Less Global Warming! Record heat waves are listed everywhere, Antarctic ice is melting and seasons are increasingly erratic. The temperature of the earth is getting hotter resulting in climate change which significantly impacts our lives. More and more trees can protect our earth from the dangers of greenhouse gases.


At present there are 1.6 billion people who depend directly on forest for their livelihoods, including harvesting food and medicine, Without forest, many people will be unemployed, destroying the global economy. The impact will be most felt by tribes that live in harmony with the forest, such as the Amazon tribe and native tribes in Jambi.


Is the forest a healer? Forests are the mother of flora and fauna, guardians of biodiversity. In just one tree, we can find hundreds of species depending on it, from fungi, microbes, insects to mammals. Without trees, where will the orangutan go home?

Indonesia’s tropical rainforest is the last home of one of the richest biodiversity in the world. 12 percent of the world’s mammals, and 17 percent of the world’s bird species can be found in Indonesia’s forests.

Unfortunately, at least 2 percent of Indonesia’s forests are lost every year due to logging, fires, and land conversion. What we can do?

There is no part of nature that works alone. Everything is interrelated. From trees, animals, to humans. To ensure that we have carried out our respective roles, we are working with One Tree Planted Organisation to restore the greenness of Indonesia’s forests.

We will plant one tree for every purchase of Hallah products. Our mission, is to plant one million trees in Kalimantan. For the sake of the tree, for the sake of the earth, and for the survival of life.